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All the subjects necessary for obtaining the baccalaureate or another diploma are taught on "Cours Autrement"





Medico-social sciences

Food industry



Chemical Physics


Language courses will be available in video course capsules posted regularly on the platform. This interaction time is a form of fun language learning through scenarios. Students will speak and use the language through a frequent living situation. This allows for faster and more interesting learning for the child.


They will benefit from a live interaction time related to the lessons posted during the week of approximately 1 hour, 3 times a week:

  • Wednesday morning,

  • Wednesday afternoon,

  • Saturday morning.


You will have the teacher's contact in case of questions about the course taken. They will get back to you promptly.


In addition, the students will be able to suggest specific themes for the interaction time, in order to make this moment as fun and interesting as possible for them.

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